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If you do mediocre work, do you end up being mediocre yourself?

I was reminded of what mediocre work is while performing a deep dive debugging session against a relatively large SharePoint implementation with thousands of line of custom code. The issue was a diminutive problem in a custom control that rendered … Continue reading

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How to query for Sandbox Solution resource usage?

I needed to find a way to query for a given Sandbox Solution package’s resource usage. I can see the results through Site Settings > Solutions (Gallery) but that’s a graphical representation and I would like to have the actual … Continue reading

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The missing skillsets of future SharePoint rock stars

Kids these days. They got it all so figured out. They probably think they know everything they need to know on IT. See, most teenagers have been using Facebook, YouTube and similar services for years so that must mean they … Continue reading

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Things to read, stuff to think about–week 7

Here’s a quick rundown on interesting stuff to read, digest and contemplate: The Microsoft Manual of Style (4th Edt): A reader review, buy from Amazon How often should I use try and catch in C#? (Stackoverflow) A great list of … Continue reading

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Official training material for SharePoint 2010 updated for 2012: Includes Office 365

Microsoft is currently updating their existing IT Pro-targeted certification training material. The current version was released shortly after SharePoint Server 2010 was released around May, 2010. First, let’s take a quick recap on the current offerings.   For IT Pros, … Continue reading

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Using Global Assembly Cache Tool (GACUTIL.EXE) effectively

The Global Assembly Cache Tool, or GACUTIL.EXE, is a great tool. I see a lot SharePoint developers not being too familiar using GACUTIL, since Visual Studio 2010’s built-in SharePoint Development Tools and SharePoint itself do the necessary plumbing and dirty … Continue reading

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The Switch: From Android to Windows Phone 7.5–how do I feel after 2 months?

Hi. I’m an Anonymous Android user. Or at least I was up until late 2011, when I had the chance to comfortably convert all of our company devices to Windows Phone-based devices. For the latter half of 2011 I had … Continue reading

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Modifying SharePoint Web Application settings may cause application pool recycle

I needed to modify certain settings for a given SharePoint Web Application. I’ve taken the habit to figure out a way to achieve things through Powershell, instead of just sleepily clicking through Central Administration. It’s a bit slower but provides … Continue reading

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It’s 2012–ditch the PST!

This article on the Exchange Team blog introduces the PST Capture tool, that was designed to help you get rid of PST files. It’s an interesting read, since apparently lots of people are still using PST files for archiving and … Continue reading

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Office 365 update scheduled for October 20, 2011

I’m currently using Office 365 in a hybrid environment with federation enabled on my Office 365 E3-plan. Being the technical contact for the service, I just received an email outlining the future Office 365 update. The update is scheduled to … Continue reading

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